New Painting--Timeless Treasures from Memories of the Past



Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I have written a blog.  I have been really busy with maintaining my website, marketing, everyday life stuff that we all have to do, and trying to work on my new painting every minute that I could possibly work on it, which I am happy to share it with all of you now.

I got the inspiration to paint "Timeless Treasures from Memories of the Past" from an old photo that I took quite a few years back when I was at Myra's Art Gallery in Pine, Arizona.  Across the street was this lovely old white house with green trim, the Randall House.  The house was surrounded with bright pink bouganvilleas, lots of flowers, green trees, and huge green pine trees, something that you just don't see in Phoenix every day.  In front of the house, closer to the street, was this huge pine tree with this old black buggy in front of it.  I took several pictures of the buggy, house, and it surroundings to add to my collection of things to paint one day.  I especially wanted to paint this black buggy.  The old black buggy brought back some memories from when I used to look at my Grandma's pictures when I was a little girl.  The one picture that always stuck with me the most was the one of an old black buggy that was parked in front of a old plantation style house, which my Grandma said that was the house she lived in and the black buggy was the buggy that was used for going into to town and they had another one that was used for just everyday use. While painting this painting, I thought a lot of my Grandparents (on both sides of my family) and how much I missed them.  Just seems that so much has changed over the years and nothing is the same.  Just thinking that they had the chance to live in that time when things seemed to be more of a simpler time.  I'm just glad I have the memories of my Grandparents, which is why I decided to put the red cardinal in the pine tree in rememberance of them and because I know their spirits are always with me for all time.

 The painting took a lot of hours for me to paint, it had so many little details, but I am pleased with the way it came out.  The wheels alone took a lot of time for each layer.  I was beginning to think this was the painting that never ended.  Then I really messed up the wheel and could not scrub it out because of the paint was too dark, so I had to cover it with the flowers, which I was kind of unsure whether or not I wanted to add something to the painting like flowers or something, but the mess up made the call for me and it worked out.  Sometimes, I believe that the mistakes are God's way of sending me a different direction, which is always better than my direction.

The painting was painted on acid-free watercolor paper with watercolor paint and a little bit of white gouache paint for the flowers and the birds eye.   Even though this painting was a tedious painting to do,  I am glad I finally painted it and glad of the memories that it brought back while I was painting.  I hope it will bring memories back for many of you.

Here are some pictures of the painting process.




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Everyone have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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