New Painting and Website Updates


Hi everyone!

This has been a crazy busy week for me, as I am sure it has been for most everyone.  Easter is on its way and it will be probably a lot busier for a lot of us.  I just finished a new painting and would like to share that with everyone and I also have some new updates on my website and upcoming events that will be coming soon.  

First, I'll start off with letting you know about my new painting that I just finished this last week "The Blue Bunny".  This whimsical little bunny is so colorful and so, so cute.  The painting was painted on acid-free watercolor canvas with watercolor and silver ink. I started this painting not knowing what it was going to be or how it would turn out.   I dropped a few drops of some blue, pink, and purple paint on the wet canvas and then just let the water move the paint around a little bit. 

Once the paint dried, I was looking at it trying to figure out what I was going to paint.  I could see two blue blobs of paint that looked like it could be ears, so I decided, since Easter is coming up to paint a bunny.  I drew the shape of the bunny's face and ears around the painted blobs.  I was going to just do the face, but I decided that it didn't look right.  So, I decided to draw a body and some feet.  The body looked like the shape of an egg, but I decided to go with it and added the feet, which the paint in the feet was perfect.  The body, not so much and about half-way through the painting I was thinking this painting is going to be junk but decided to go ahead and work on it just to see how it would turn out.  You never know, right?

Once I started adding the paint and the depth it started to look better and by the time I added more paint, some sparkly paint, and white dots, it was so cute and I loved it.  Then I decided to put red dots inside the white dots, which I didn't like at all and thought I ruined it and would have to trash it after all.  Luckily, I was able to remove the red dots by washing them out and covering them with some more white paint.  I was so happy that I could get rid of the red dots.  I wasn't sure if I would leave it like it was or add a background since the last fiasco.  So, I took a chance and I decided to try just throwing some dots of paint on the painting and some silver ink.  So this is how "The Blue Bunny" was inspired and created, which it is really sweet and a cheerful painting that got me in the mood for Easter.  I really enjoyed painting this and I am glad I didn't junk it because I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Here are some pictures of the painting process.




I am in the process of updating my site to add Redbubble and Imagekind.  These are other sites that I am registered with as well.  There will be a link to click on in the description of each painting for both sites.  My promotions will not apply to these sites, because I cannot change their promotions or prices.

ImageKind is another print company that offers a variety of colored mats and custom framing for paper prints.  Since some of you have been asking about colored mats.  You can order directly from that site.

Redbubble offers apparel and accessories, home decor, cups, notepads, bags, and more.  

I am not finished updating my website since this is a long process.  So, if one of my paintings does not have a link yet and you want something, just send me an email or call me and I will get that set up for you.  If there is something that you want to change, for example, you want to order a cup and the border is purple and you can't change it to blue, let me know before you place the order and I will change it to the color you want.  If you place the order, I will not be able to change it.  If you have any questions, whatsoever, please do not hesitate to send me an email or call me directly.


In the near future, I will be having some really good exclusive offers, so just keep an eye out for those.

I am trying to reach my goal for 300 likes on my Facebook page and would appreciate if you would please share my page with your friends.  

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Everyone have a safe and happy Easter!

Thank you,